You are currently viewing 2024 Bible Reading Plan

One of the handholds we would like to offer you in 2024 is another opportunity to read through the Bible in a year.

These plan differ from what we recommended last year in that they are chronological reading plans that can help build your understanding of the overall Biblical narrative by guiding you through the scriptures in the order the historical events unfolded.

There are two options below. Both plans are available on You Version and include an option to comment and interact with others from StoneBridge who are also using the plan.

  • Eden to Eternity: A Year in the Bible- Daily devotionals prompt you to pause and pray before reading and consider the same four questions each day as you read. You can join this plan by clicking HERE.


  • The Bible Recap– Have you ever read your Bible and thought, “What did I just read?” This chronological reading plan is accompanied with recap videos designed to help you understand and love what you are reading.  You can join this plan by clicking HERE.