We hope these testimonies of fellow believers stepping out in faith to follow God's leading in their lives and communities encourages you to explore what He could be calling you to in your own walk with Him. Everyone has gifts and good works God has prepared for us to do that will bring glory to Him. What's yours?

Chris' Story: Serving with The Table on Delk

Chris and her family have been attending StoneBridge for about eight years. She and her family have followed God's leading in serving a community of other moms and their children through our ministry partners, The Table on Delk. She's stepped out with simple acts of obedience and watched Him use the strengths he's already given her for His glory.

Molly's Story: Grace Point Christian School for children with Dyslexia

Ten years ago, Molly and her friend Angie stepped out in faith when God revealed a need in their community. Both of their sons were friends since birth, but also had something else common: they were struggling with dyslexia. The more the women learned about the dyslexia community, the more they saw a need for their sons and children like them to have a faith-based school that made them feel like they belonged, encouraged them to grow in faith, and could also provide an education catered to their specific needs. Molly's encouragement to other believers: "Where has God placed you and how can you use your skills to follow God's call."

Spencer's Story: Discipling Young Men Through Football and Faith

As a newer believer in his own walk with Christ, it could have been easy for Spencer to disregard God's leading to disciple young men in both football and their faith. Instead, he put his feelings of being under qualified aside and gathers weekly with his team around a meal and a chapter from Proverbs.

Spencer works full time as an attorney and "Doing His Deal" looks like committing part of his time to also coaching football at a local high school. "For the players, it can quickly become about winning and losing," Spencer said, "But they're learning to think outside themselves... I'd never run a Bible study before, but kids showed up. God tends to work it out."

Elise's Story: Planting Seeds in Children's Hearts Through Foster Care

On a mission trip to Spain, Elise heard the Lord prompt her towards Foster Care. After some prayer, God confirmed His calling for her to care for children who need a temporary, loving home. "If the Lord is stirring your heart towards something, pray and find others to encourage you along in your calling and go after it," Elise said, "Just start doing the work and you will be blessed by it."


We have a Podcast dedicated to sharing stories about how people in our church are doing their deal and following God's leading in their lives to serve where He's planted them. Check out our Doing Your Deal page to browser their stories and learn more.

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