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If you would like to support the relief aid efforts in Turkey you can donate HERE

TEK, the association of Turkish pastors, is accessing the situation for long term relief.  In the meantime, for first response, they are recommending to give to Ilk Umut/ Fist Hope Association.  It’s a trusted org that is run by local believers and has been doing this for years throughout various crises.  They have an excellent reputation both locally and within the worker community.  100% of funds raised go to aid. Since they are locals with experience, they have favor with the government, too.

Here are some prayer requests that our Ministry Partners living in Turkey have shared: 

*That there would be good communication, strong leadership, organization, and good coordination between aid agencies, workers, and all of those who are on site to help.

*Strength, energy, endurance for rescue workers, first responders, and medical workers.

*For the necessary materials (heavy equipment, excavators, water, food, tents, blankets, clothes) to get to where they are needed most.

*For relief from the rain and snow.

*For the Father to be very near everyone who is suffering with fear, anger, confusion, mourning, and trauma- for healing, peace, and hope.

*For the countless orphans to be placed in loving homes and for the babies and children that have been recovered to be united with their families if possible.

*My friend’s Syrian friend asked for special prayer for Syria to not be forgotten in all of this.  Turkey is more developed- with more resources and media coverage.  Syria was already in terrible state- these earthquakes just compound their harsh reality.

*Pray that they would cry out to the Father in desperation and that He would revel Himself in tangible ways- that He would come to rescue, redeem, shield, and comfort the brokenhearted.

*Pray for miracles!

*Pray for the believers, both local and foreign, to rise up and bless this region.  Pry for us to know how to help.  Pry for us to be discerning and respond quickly to the needs that will arise in the coming months and years.  Pry for us to flex from our plans and visions to what the HS puts on our hearts.  Pry for His kingdom to come in us and through us to the devastated.  We know that recovery from this tragic event, not just physically, but even more so emotionally and spiritually will be a long and difficult process.  Pry for creative ways to bless the people, catalyze healing, and counsel the traumatized.  We are asking Him, where do we go, what do we do, how do we help?

As we were praying today we prayed along the theme of rescue.  Folks have been glued to the media waiting and hoping for rescue. Rejoicing at the videos of babies and families being pulled from the rubble. Those that were able jumped in their vehicles and rushed to the area to help with the rescue.  Those who were trapped were screaming out to be rescued.  The desperation for rescue is palpable, urgent, and felt by every person here. This urgency, this desperation is how we as believers should long for the rescue of the lost- not to earthly life but, more importantly to eternal life; and not just during disasters, but always.