We believe that as followers of Jesus we have all been called to live as missionaries (Matthew 28:18-20).  For most, we will never be called to pick up and move overseas. However, we are all called to be witnesses of God's love and grace wherever He has planted us. We want you to see yourself as a missionary in your daily life and recognize what God has given you that He wants you to give to others. You have freely received from Him, and He calls you to freely give (Matthew 10:8).

Below are the stories of many of our StoneBridge family members who are doing just that. We hope you will be inspired in your own journey. Please reach out to find our how you can support them in what they are doing or find out how you can get involved.



Acts 6

Richard Wannall was looking for something to do in retirement. He decided to volunteer at MUST Ministries, a local charity that helps the homeless. One day, a MUST client asked Richard to help him replace a lost birth certificate. Richard had no idea how to do that, but he jumped in anyway and figured out the complicated process. When that birth certificate arrived, the man's excitement told Richard he had found something to do that could transform lives: Birth certificates are required to get the state ID that opens doors to jobs, housing, and a host of other resources. Out of that experience, StoneBridge's Acts 6 ministry was born — and Richard realized that helping the poor and homeless is so scriptural that, if he wanted to call himself a Christian, he had to be helping others rebuild their lives and grow in their relationship with God and others.

The mission of the Acts 6 ministry team has grown to aid the needy in our community through prayer, encouragement, generous giving, unselfish service, and compassionate outreach Mondays through Thursdays from 10am-12pm by assisting them with:

  • Replacing key lost documents such as birth certificates and Georgia identification cards
  • Emergency prescriptions
  • Rental and Utility Assistance
  • Most importantly-prayer and encouragement

If you are interested in learning more about the serving on the Acts 6 Team please contact Richard Wannall at richardwannall@gmail.com.


The Table on delk

Tina Williford's only qualification for doing her deal was a willingness to say "yes" when the Lord called her to serve sexually exploited women and children on Delk Road near I-75. Her first step was simply to hang out at a gas station and talk to the women there. Now The Table on Delk has grown from a once-weekly ministry to six days of offering meals, Bible study, Celebrate Recovery and friendship to souls desperately in need of encouragement, hope and life transformation.

The Table provides a safe place for those currently or at risk of being sexually exploited to have a meal and make meaningful connections with volunteers who desire to show them the Father’s love.  By showing them His love through genuine interactions, telling them that their lives do matter and that He has a plan and purpose for them, some of those served have taken steps toward healing and restoration. To learn more and to sign up to volunteer please visit www.thetableondelk.org.

Russell and Megan

dwell apartment ministry

Russell and Megan Marshall heard God’s call to leave good jobs and a comfortable house in the 'burbs to develop redemptive relationships at an apartment complex in a transitional area of the city. Russell and Megan share the challenges and blessings of doing what all believers are called to do: Listen to God’s call and follow him in obedience – to love our neighbors and make disciples of Jesus wherever we live, work, and play.

Their mission is to expose the people of Dwell Apartment community to the Gospel through word and deed. They put this vision into practice by serving, breaking bread, and cultivating authentic relationships with their neighbors. Each week the Church at Dwell gathers in the leasing office to pray, worship, and study scripture. If you are interested in learning more please contact Russell Marshall at rsmarshall92@gmail.com or call at 770.714.1302


Geoff and Sherry


Geoff and Sherry Maddock live and work in Melbourne, Australia. Originally from Australia, Geoff has returned after two decades in the U.S. and is now working for an international sending organization. Sherry, who grew up in Marietta, is now a permanent resident of Australia.  She is employed in the work of neighborhood place-making with a city church, in addition to working as an urban gardener with indoor plants. Since graduating together from Asbury Theological Seminary, they have served alongside people on the margins, specifically refugees and people seeking asylum.  Their 18-year old son is a dual citizen, finishing up his final year of high school. Contact the Maddocks at placedpeople@gmail.com 

Michael Mozley-picture


Michael Mozley has served as the Executive Director for Catalyst for Africa since 2013. God led Michael to start Catalyst for Africa because he wants to see the continent of Africa won to Christ through African leaders. Catalyst for Africa’s purpose is to transform communities through leadership training, utilizing four core values: intimacy with God, integrity, stewardship, and family priority.  Currently, Catalyst for Africa has linked hearts with over thirty pastors and lay leaders in twelve different countries: Senegal, Mali, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya, and Uganda.  For more information or to receive Catalyst for Africa’s newsletter go to catalystforafrica.org or contact mmozley@catalystforafrica.org

Susan Kelly


Susan has been serving in Tanzania with e3 Partners since 2013. She is currently the Strategy Coordinator and Community Transformation leader in the unreached Zaramo and Digo people groups. Susan is passionate about helping individuals and communities discover their true identity as God created them to be. Using simple, biblically based methods, she and her team of national partners use Community Transformation to build relationships in unreached communities that are closed or resistant to the Gospel. By equipping a few local believers how to tangibly love their neighbors, barriers to the Gospel are broken down, allowing for integration of locally led evangelism, discipleship and actions to improve physical health, community well-being and social issues using resources that are readily available in the community. Their goal is to see these unreached people groups reached with the Word of God and healthy bodies of Christ (the Church) established among them. Contact Susan at susan.kelly@e3partners.org for more information on how you can support her in this work.


democratic repbulic of the congo: Jeff Ammar

Jeff is serving in Bunia on the eastern frontier of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is working with Samaritan's Purse as their Country Security Manager. His role is to advise the Country Director on the safety and security of current and upcoming projects by measuring the political climate and threat assessment of the area. His focus will be to ensure the safety and well being of fellow teammates and the people they are serving. Contact Jeff at jeff.ammar@gmail.com for more information on how you can support him.

Hartman Family Stonebridge 2021 (002)


The Hartman Family - Ben and Cristina, Luke (12 years old) and Eve (8 years old) serve with Greater Europe Mission (GEM) and have been living and serving in Kandern, Germany since July 2018. Kandern is in southwest Germany and their ministry/life is with both Germans and Muslims.  Ben is in a tentmaking role with GEM and switched to working with a company in Basel, Switzerland (about a 30 minute drive) in January 2021.  Ben has a passion for sharing Christ in the workplace with like-minded co-workers.  Switzerland historically has been harder to get missionaries into and the cost of living is very high, so the combination of tentmaking while still living in Germany is a great opportunity. Cristina works primarily with refugee woman and children through one-on-one visits and in a cafe setting using Biblical storytelling and teaching the women German as well.  They also live in community with German friends and neighbors sharing God's love/truth with them. Connect with the Hartmans at cristina.hartman@gemission.org



Cory and Jessie German along with their three kids (Josie-7, Caleb-5, and Amelia-2) are serving with Cru in Budapest, Hungary. After 4.5 years working with Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they now work on the Operations team in the Central and Eastern Europe Area office serving 19 countries. As Cru International is currently going through a reorganization, they are helping with the transition which includes moving from an East European area and a West European Area to one Europe Region which will include over 50 countries. Contact the Germans at cory.german@cru.org for more information on how you can support them. 



Justin and Elizabeth have been serving unreached people in northwest Asia for 15 years. They lead a team that consists of three families and is located in two different cities about one hundred miles apart.  The three families are asking the Lord to move in powerful ways in the hearts of the 2 million people throughout the region. The Leonards have a vision to see locals living in hope and freedom.  The Lord has called them to serve and connect through local business and they are hoping to operate an outdoor family recreation center in order to gain citizenship, bless the community, engage large numbers of locals, and put down deep roots of identity and kingdom values. Contact the Leonards for more information on how you can support them at jeleonard@rapidmsg.net

Josh and Mandy Wheeler


Josh and Mandy have been serving in Asia minor since 2013. After leaving the States as a newly married couple, they are now a family of five. From the beginning, their ministry has been focused on church planting and serving in the local church. What started as a tiny meeting of one or two people has grown over the years into a community of people who love Jesus. They ultimately feel that they have been called to a discipleship ministry in the likes of John the Baptist and their heart has been to see local leaders increase as they decrease. They can be reached at harvharb@gmail.com

ArabiAn peninsula: The M family

The M Family have been serving in the Arabian Peninsula since 2017, seeking to see God's word known among the people there. S works in the medical field and J is raising their two boys. As there is no church to speak of in this region, most of our time is spent sowing seeds, praying, learning Arabic, and building relationships with locals. Contact them for more information at polarbears@jetemail.net

south asia: The DJ family

The DJs live and work in South Asia in an area that is considered one of the poorest and most unreached states in their country. They do Business-As-Mission, and have started a textile business where they train and employ women in an impoverished area by providing a safe work environment and fair wages. Through the business they have the opportunity to share and teach about the love of Jesus, pray for their employees, provide free child care, and offer nutrition and health benefits. Their heart is to see the Lord move through Kingdom minded business in a spiritual and holistic way amongst the least reached. To contact the DJs email htabroad@gmail.com


The S Family serves in Atlanta where they mobilize for ministry in the Muslims world. They raise up prayer, conduct trainings and disciple believers seeking to serve among unreached people groups. For over 10 years, they have been taking groups to the Middle East to pray and minister. Their family serves with Connect Missions where they help the Church go and make disciples by connecting people to Christ, His Church and His Mission. If you are interested in joining them in ministry, please reach out at: ConnectMissions@gmail.com.

Please sign up for their monthly prayer newsletters at https://connectmissions.org/prayerupdates/.

You can give at https://connectmissions.org/give

If you want to set up automatic withdrawal, email them for more info. All donations go to their family and ministry.



Arthur and Mary Alice have been working in Peru with TMS Global since 2001.  Their son Joshua, his wife Rocio, and their children Stephen and Noah, live in Marietta.  Their daughter Mary Beth and her sons Dominic and Royce also live in Marietta.  Their son, Benjamin, currently lives in Clarkston.  All of their children grew up in Peru.

Jesus called Arthur to evangelism and discipleship through the story of resurrection of Lazarus in John 11.  He was called specifically to Peru through a newspaper article on Peru.  God called them to bring His precious treasures, the Peruvians, back to life through Jesus Christ, and to see them set free from spiritual strongholds in their lives. Mary Alice was called to missions through Genesis 12, when she read how God called Abram to obey Him, go to another land, and to be a blessing to the people there. Arthur has a strong call to disciple youth and adults in small groups and to train the Peruvians to do the same for others.  Mary Alice has a call to minister to children through Kid’s Clubs, to evangelize, and to see people set free through prayer.  They also work with teams from the states that do evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, Christian business training, and medical missions in different places in Peru.  Their heart’s desire is to see people set free in Christ so that they can do the same for others. Currently the Peruvians are taking responsibility to do most of the ministry activities and take over the administration of the ministry in Peru.  Arthur and Mary Alice work closely with them to encourage them in this endeavor.

You can contact the Iveys at acivey@iveymission.org


chosen vessels: bekah baxter

God broke into Bekah Baxter's world with a revelation about his direction for her life when she was a teenager on a short-term mission trip. Bekah was amazed to see that, more than 5,600 miles from Marietta, God was at work in amazing ways through his people. She began interacting with missionaries, asking them how she could help their work. One group rocked her world when they replied, "We're really just hungry for relationship." Out of that was born Bekah's "deal" — Chosen Vessels, a ministry that provides "member care" for missionaries, as well as assists with projects like summer camps for teens, among other things. Her message for us is that God is at work right around us every day, inviting to join him in what he is doing to transform lives and communities for his kingdom. Contact Bekah at chosen.vessels.inc@gmail.com for more information.

Grace Brannen


Grace Brannen is serving in McDowell County, West Virginia. Alongside Zera House, a ministry based in the area, she is working to create a long-term program for survivors of sexual exploitation where they can heal, grow, and learn about the love Jesus Christ has for them. She has been in West Virginia since 2019 and has been working domestically with trafficking survivors for even longer. If you would like to support her, please visit zerahouse.org/staff or contact Grace at info@zerahouse.org


Memphis: The Winkle Family

The Winkles currently live and minister in Memphis, Tennessee.  They spent almost 10 years living overseas, but when back in the States in 2014 finishing their adoption of their youngest child, they discovered their third child, Micah, had cancer.  Once he beat cancer they knew they wanted to use what they had experienced to encourage, bless, and walk along side others going through childhood cancer and other catastrophic diseases.  So they stayed in Memphis and God has allowed them to also use their years on the field to do their deal with refugees and asylum seekers.  

Eliza Huffman photo

uga athens: eliza huffman

I am Eliza Huffman and I'm staff with Cru at the University of Georgia as an intern. During this next year as I work with Cru at UGA, I am going to graduate from UGA with Bachelor Degrees in Communication Studies and Religion, and marry my fiancé Brooks Lemmon. I first became involved with Cru my freshman year of college, and the Lord has used Cru in many ways to grow my faith and see the importance of going to the world on mission for Christ. Cru exists for students to know God, grow in faith, and go to the world. 

Cru, for me, has really increased my vision for the need of sharing the Gospel. With seeing the need, the Lord has developed in me a sense of how I can take part and also invite others to take part in giving the reason for the hope that we have in Christ. Just as the Bible talks about in 1 Peter 3:15 which says “but honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.”

Would you pray for our team as we enter into this year of ministry? Join us in prayer as we seek the Lord to provide in raising up students who are passionate about Jesus and eager to learn. We are also trusting the Lord to embolden students, alongside the resources and training we provide, to share their faith. As I enter this next year, would you pray that I would seek the Lord above all things and that the Lord would reveal His faithfulness to me in all things. For more information you can reach out at elizabeth.huffman@cru.org