Our Vision is to see our community transformed by God and believe He created you to play a part in bringing about that transformation.

The necessary catalyst for community transformation is a movement.  We see movement as the spontaneous ministry of members outside the walls and formal leadership structures of our church. A movement begins when a critical mass of people begin to live like missionaries-choosing to recognize their ‘sent-ness,’ finding their Marietta (Jeremiah 29:7), and intentionally giving away what they have received.

What have you been given?

Where are you sent?

If you are still trying to find the answers to these questions,we invite you to come to Fit. Fit is an immersion into two key values of StoneBridge: Doing your Deal (Ephesians 2.10) and Finding your Marietta (Jeremiah 29.4-7).  Led by David Eldridge, we spend eight weeks discovering and discussing what God has called each of us to do in ministry/service to others and where He wants us to do it.  The goal is to help each of us discern where we fit into what God is doing in our community. Please contact Kim Kremer at kim@stonebridgemarietta.org to find out more about Fit.

Another way to begin discovering your deal is by just doing something. God has called all of us to love Him and love people. Click here for some ways you can begin living like a missionary simply by loving those around you.

Ready to join us?

At StoneBridge, we are committed to seeing our community transformed by God. We invite you to join us in this journey of personal and community transformation.