(4k -5th grade)

THE BASICS: PathFinders is our Sunday environment for kids in 4k preschool and kindergarten through 5th grade.

PathFinders meet in our upstairs space above 164 Roswell St.

In PathFinders we believe that following Jesus is an adventure, that the Bible is never boring, and that learning how to apply God’s Word to our lives is always more fun when you can learn it with your friends.


How to get going in PathFinders

STEP 1: Get up and come to church!  Whether you are a first time guest, a returning visitor, or a regular to PathFinders, check in at our Information Table in the 164 space.  The space opens and volunteers are ready to greet your children 15 minutes before each service.  *Please note doors are locked for security purposes at 15 minutes after the beginning of each service.


STEP 2: Get a two-part security tag for your child. One portion of the numbered tag will stay on your child at all times. You will receive the other portion of the tag with a matching number. You must have this security tag in order to pick up your children!


STEP 3: You go to the adult service, and your children start having fun right away!


THE REGISTRATION PROCESS: All first-time guests are asked to register at the Information Table so we can get to know your child a little better. If you decide to make StoneBridge your church home, you may complete a registration card and your children will be added to our database, assigned to a small group, and your family will be added to our email update distribution list.


WELLNESS POLICY: For the protection of your child and other children, parents are requested not to bring a child who appears to be ill into the children’s ministry area. Based on the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a child should not be brought to church when any of the following exists:

  • Fever in the past 24 hours
  • Vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours
  • Common cold (onset through one week)
  • Sore throat
  • Any unexplained rash or skin infection
  • Cloudy or green runny nose
  • Pink eye or other eye infections
  • Persistent cough or croup
  • Any communicable disease
  • Any symptoms of common childhood diseases, such as chicken pox, strep throat, etc.
  • Head lice


Morning at a Glance

So you got them to church, you’ve checked them in. Now what?

This is what you and your child can expect from a day in PathFinders:

COMMUNITY TIME: You like to have coffee and talk to your friends before church. We’re not serving coffee to kids, but we are promoting Christian fellowship with their peers. During community time, kids have a chance to talk, laugh, play games, and just hang out with their friends and small group leaders.

WELCOM AND ICE BREAKER: Children gather with their small group leader and the other members of their small group for an activity and discussion meant to introduce the one truth we want kids to walk away with and remember that morning.

LARGE-GROUP WORSHIP AND TEACHING  After the short welcome and ice-breaker time with their small groups, kids are moved to the large group area, where they hear the Bible story. We use props, characters, object lessons, and more – anything that makes the Bible come to life. We also carve out time for kids to sing as loudly as they want, jump around, do crazy hand-motions, and tell God how much they love Him through praise and worship.

SMALL GROUP TIME: After participating in worship and hearing the Bible story and truth for the day, kids return to their small group, where leaders help them understand how the day’s key truth applies to them. Small group leaders are serious about having fun with kids and passionate about helping kids apply God’s Word to their lives. We want kids to see how God’s Word is for them personally, how it applies not only at church, but in their everyday lives, how to talk to God through prayer, and how to build on Spiritual foundations that will last.

CURRICULUM: Our curriculum is Bible-based and is an adapted version of the Orange curriculum. Each week, we have a key truth we drive home. It’s the one thing we want the kids to understand, grab onto, and know how to apply even after they leave church. The older PathFinders (4th and 5th graders) also are challenged to dig deeper into God’s Word to find the answers for themselves, and are encouraged to share their faith with others.


There’s more?

BIG 45 is small group discipleship for 4th and 5th graders.  This group – which focuses on a deeper level of discipleship, spiritual growth, and leadership development – meets on alternating Sunday afternoons.  If you have a 4th or 5th grade child, and would like more information, please contact our Elementary Area Leader, Maggie Bowling, at


BABY DEDICATION: If you have a child under age 2, or are expecting a child, and would like to publicly dedicate your child to the Lord at StoneBridge, you will need to attend one of our baby dedication classes.  These are held twice a year, and registration is required. To find out about upcoming classes and how to register, please contact our Nursery Area Leader, Ginny Fobes, at  At the end of the dedication class, you also will get a full tour of and orientation to our children’s ministry area.


ORIENTATION FOR NEW FAMILIES: If you are new to StoneBridge and would like more information about our children’s ministry, including a tour of our facilities and meeting with key staff, please look for orientation dates on our calendar or contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Katie Leverett, at


CONTACT US: For a child’s experiences at church to be happy, positive, and meaningful, parents and the children’s ministry team must work together. It is our privilege to serve you and your family as we partner together in the spiritual training of your child. For more information about children’s ministry at StoneBridge, please feel free to contact us:

Katie Leverett
Children’s Ministry Director

Ready to join us?

At StoneBridge, we are committed to seeing our community transformed by God. We invite you to join us in this journey of personal and community transformation.