David Eldridge | Pastor

David is our faithful Pastor, mentor, counselor, and friend.  David loves people, but avoids the awkward hug at almost any cost.  He also avoids food that jiggles on the plate, sauces of any kind, and fruit in dessert.

David’s passion for playing practical jokes, eating candy (especially Mike-n-Ike’s or Hot Tamales), and trying to trip Kim is only outweighed by his passion for teaching God’s Word and helping people discover and do their deal.

Although not sentimental, David does like a good Haiku or Acrostic.  In honor of that hidden poet, a Haiku…

Chair turned ‘round, door closed

All is quiet enough for

a three minute nap.

But an acrostic tells the real story of who he is…






Bo Bryant | Worship Pastor

Because Bo is so multi-talented, he is our ‘go to’ guy for many things.  Just a few of his useful gifts include being tall enough to close the blinds in the sanctuary without a step ladder (or jumping), leveling the boy to girl ratio on staff, and making bare feet in church popular again…or for the first time- depending on who you ask.

With those important gifts, it’s hard to imagine that Bo could bring much more to the table, but imagine it- even experience it, we do.  Bo has a deep love for the people in his life- his wife and kids, his church family, and our community.  Bo’s life is one of worship, and not just because he leads us on Sunday mornings.  One of his greatest desires is to lead people into the presence of the Lord.

We’d be willing to bet that however you encounter Bo, barefoot or wearing his shoes, in worship, in a prayer setting, having coffee, or just whizzing by you on his bike, you’ll know he’s much more than your average worship leader.

Jeremy Morris | Student Pastor

Jeremy is ‘officially’ a lot of things…

The tallest staff member, the only one who likes UK basketball, resident history expert, and – although we haven’t made him prove it yet- the one with the biggest grocery bill.  (He has four sons!)

Jeremy’s physical stature pales in comparison to his big personality and love for the people he serves.  Jeremy, always ready with a funny story to tell, is a natural gatherer and can make even the staunchest introvert feel they want to be a part of whatever he’s involved in.

Armed with a passion for God’s Word and a desire to see people connect in community, Jeremy is a force to be reckoned with as our Student Pastor.

Emily Massi | Student Ministry Assistant

If you love animals, outdoors, or anything adventurous, Emily is your friend! She says yes to adventure quickly, and loves our church well. 

Emily is our Student Ministry assistant and makes sure that everything in our student ministry runs smoothly. She takes care of logistics and scheduling, sends emails, and plans events, while also loving and serving our students, pushing them closer and closer to Christ. 

Katie Leverett | Children’s Ministry Director

Katie’s ministry experience ranges from watching her mom serve on a church staff most of her life, as well as serving herself in campus ministry while in and after college.

Her ministry experience is only one thing that makes Katie great in her role.  Take into account that Katie taught middle school for 6 years and you’ll understand why we think she is capable and brave enough to take on all the tasks of her job. (Have you spent time with middle-schoolers lately…not for the faint of heart!)

Besides her obvious qualifications, we love having someone on staff who is young but yet boasts proudly of her “old-lady” hobbies- including puzzles, gardening, knitting, baking, and playing board games.  If given the chance to add to her list, we may include ‘puppet master’ since her dog Rupert is as close to a live Muppet as we’ve ever seen!

Ginny Fobes | Children’s Ministry Nursery & Preschool Area Leader

Don’t let Ginny’s quiet demeanor fool you. Below the surface roars the heart of a lion; a lion passionate about seeing people’s lives changed by God. Ginny loves fiercely her three children and husband, and also anyone she shepherds.  And that’s just what she does…shepherd.

Ginny would readily admit she is not too fond of anything related to technology, but she sure has all the techniques needed for relationships (see what we did there?).  Whether she is ministering to new moms in our nursery, comforting upset preschoolers, or teaching a large group lesson, one thing is certain, Ginny will do it with all her heart because her heart is FOR those she serves.

Kalie Freeman | Creative & Communication Director

Kalie is an avid coffee drinker, dog lover, and nap taker. She runs all of our StoneBridge communication, from weekly newsletters, to monthly bulletins, to website updates. She began attending StoneBridge as a high school student, joined our team as an intern, and has only grown in her passion towards serving the city of Marietta on our staff.

Kim Kremer | Ministry Coordinator

Kim loves to run…or out-run anyone. Kim also loves playing games, spending time outdoors and lifting heavy things.

Kim laughs at jokes that aren’t even funny, buys soft drinks even though she doesn’t drink them, and can organize a closet or cabinet better than Martha Stewart.  The words, “I can make it fit” are often heard if Kim is in charge.

As the “manager of all things” Kim is the first and last point of contact for all things StoneBridge.  We love her and couldn’t do ministry without her.  Besides, we need her because she’s the only one who knows where the light bulbs are kept!

Russell Marshall | Facilities Manager

Russell started with StoneBridge as an intern, but quickly fell right into place with the rest of our staff. While Russell cares for our facilities, he also offers wise insight into ministry conversations and church decisions. He may be quiet, but he has a passion in his heart to share the gospel however possible. Sometimes this is through prayer and conversations on Sunday mornings, and sometimes it happens through taking care of our spaces and facilities.

Danielle Musolf | Event Coordinator

Interested in our space? Meet Danielle!

Danielle is our event coordinator and helps make sure that weddings and small groups don’t overlap. If you are interested in using our space for any reason, reach out to Danielle and she will make it happen!

Ready to join us?

At StoneBridge, we are committed to seeing our community transformed by God. We invite you to join us in this journey of personal and community transformation.