Lent Devotion

Mar 30, 2020 | 1 comment

When I agreed to write a devotional regarding healing, I had no idea that I was about to get the sinus/ear infection of my life. I had no idea that our family would pass sickness back and forth for several weeks where we stayed at home. And as we finally found ourselves getting well, we are now faced with ‘social distancing’ and the need to stay at home for an undetermined amount of time because of the Coronavirus. I had no idea how much Psalm 103:1-6 would be the life prayer – the anthem – the cry that so many of us need right now.

I have personally experienced life changing and miraculous physical healing a number of times in my life. The first was from a life-threatening autoimmune disorder called Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura or ITP. I began showing symptoms when I was two years old in the form of massive nose-bleeds that could not be stopped except by a very strong medication. I was in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms until I was 9 years old when God spoke to my parents and challenged them to completely overhaul the way that we ate. I have not been in the hospital for ITP since I was 9 years old and I credit this all to the glory of God.

The next was a cyst that appeared on my finger last year. I was faced with a surgery that wasn’t supposed to be entirely effective and the possibility of having to wean my daughter earlier than I wanted to because of the medications necessary to undergo this surgery. I spent much time in prayer over this situation and felt God leading me toward some alternative treatments and one day as I shut my car door I felt a change in my hand and looked down to see that my cyst had completely disappeared. Not a trace to be found. There were some issues with booking my surgery that caused it to be delayed and now I no longer needed to undergo surgery.

My most recent healing involved a severe case of insomnia that had lasted months on end. I had come to the end of myself – trying to care for a child with little to no sleep each night. I felt like a shell of a person. Absolutely broken and hopeless. I was comforting my crying daughter in the middle of the night after not getting any sleep at all and I was crying out to God. Praying for mercy and healing. I have never felt the presence of God so strongly as I did that night in my daughter’s room. We had a little conversation that went like this: 

“Do you desire rest for your daughter?”



“Because I know that it’s good and healthy for her. She needs it to thrive.”

“You are my child. And I desire rest for you.”

That was the beginning. I slept that night. The next morning at Stonebridge we sang ‘Who You Say I Am’ and I wept. I received prayer that morning and felt the love of God in such a tangible way. It didn’t happen right away, but I did finally have some breakthroughs and realized that I had some hormone imbalances that were causing my insomnia. Now my sleepless nights are few and far between. Claiming myself as a child of God has become a daily practice for me.

So when I read Psalm 103:3 – “He heals all your diseases”, I believe. He hasn’t healed me of every physical issue I’ve experienced, but I praise God for the works that he has done. I praise Him for the miracles. I see Him working. The thing that I see in common with all of these experiences is hearing from Him. When I was a child he spoke through my parents in such a life altering way. As I’ve become an adult, when I’ve drawn near to Him – He has spoken.

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  1. John Pearson

    What a comforting message of miraculous healing from God. Especially during this time. God hears our prayers. Jesus is THE PERFECT HEALER. Thanks for this message today.

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