Pray for Our Medical Workers

Mar 22, 2020 | 0 comments

Here is a list of our medical workers along with prayer requests they sent in. Thank you for your prayers!

Medical Personnel

  • Carolyn Smallwood
  • Adrienne Polite
  • Nate Polite
  • Shana Owen
  • Shannon Shockley
  • Ryan Cantwell
  • Misti Ellis
  • Kerry Carter
  • Susan Wright
  • Jordan Shealy
  • Michael Fogas
  • Rocio Ivey
  • Mark Huffman
  • Newt Pittman
  • Lisa Schlabach
  • Mallory Hurd
  • Amy Howard
  • Terri Taulbee
  • Kim Patterson
  • Sam Patterson
  • Michelle Payne
  • Josiah Payne
  • Morgan Fleming
  • Marjan Kirkland
  • Brett Bryant
  • Stephanie Bracken (Ashley Saunder’s sister)
  • Angie Ellis (Beth Current’s daughter)
  • Ali and Greg Spellman (Steve & Lynn Egan’s daughter and son-in-law)
  • Mary Egan


  • Ryan Cantwell: Please pray for my patience, strength, wisdom, & courage to do what is best for our patients and our practice now. Pray for needed test kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) to be more widely available. We already have patients in the hospital with this illness so please pray for them & their families—many of whom are not able to be with their loved ones at this critical time. Please pray for us & our families that we would not get this virus ourselves or transmit it to our family or patients.
  • Rocio Ivey: My family and I are fine, but I have been feeling stressed, tired and a little grumpy. I need all the fruits of the spirit to be shown through me every day in my life, so please pray for me about this and also for protection over my family here in the USA and in Peru. I have to work every day until next Friday (I will be off just on Tuesday) so please pray for energy, love and patience, not only for me but for Joshua and Stephen since it is very difficult for them to stay at home everyday. Please pray for my residents of my job because they are getting very confused and anxious since they are all the time in their rooms. And also for peace and always to have a thankful heart to God, since he has sustained us all this time and he will still do it.
  • Newt Pittman: My recent prayer is for my family’s health. Ryan got a cough and fever last night so I shut him on our room and I am off work to take care of Eisley. So hoping she stays safe and healthy and for Ryan to feel better.
  • Michael Fogas: (medical chaplain)
    • a Jewish friend whose daughter is stuck in Israel and will not make it home for Passover. Shared a Messianic vision of Jesus the Good Shepherd caring for his sheep/ talked about God’s provision of manna in the desert and read Psalm 28. That her heart would be transformed and her eyes would open to the the good Shepherd
    • Long conversation with a Hindu CEO that is struggling and I was able to point him to many principles that are rooted in God’s character. Praying for favor in that relationship and expanding opportunities to connect
    • leaders are struggling to lead. These sorts of situations expose people’s weaknesses in big ways. Pray that people would be honest about their limitations, would be willing to let others who are able to step in, and that we would continue to see low numbers of children positive with the virus.
  • Kim Patterson-I am a physical therapist and am still working next to Urgent Care by Kennestone. There have been multiple cases of the virus next door and we share a break room with the Urgent care team. Praying for protection and wisdom as we continue to treat patients.
  • Sam Patterson-he was activated by the National Guard as a medic to work at either Kennestone or Cobb hospital. He will be working directly with patients and is likely to be exposed to the virus. Please pray for his protection


  • Brett Bryant-please pray for wisdom and guidance
  • Kerry Carter-from my team on the front lines
    • They need specific prayers for transparency from leaders. Policies and protocols change hourly and are putting them in immediate danger.
    • Pray for the ability to miraculously source the equipment they need to protect themselves and their families. They are terrified of bringing it home to children and other family members
    • They are exhausted from emotional stress and the waiting for the “big wave”
    • Pray for their families especially they’re kids that aren’t getting the awesome one on one homeschooling others are able to provide
    • Pray for extra energy and sound rest when able
  • Carolyn Smallwood: 
    • Please pray for the confusion surrounding a lack of available testing and peace and wisdom responding to a poverty of concrete answers
    • Pray for offices and hospitals without adequate protective equipment and with fear of contagion and pressure to properly manage patients
    • Pray for energy and mental capacity to respond to hourly changing needs and guidelines and public panic and the looming need to give more despite being exhausted
    • Pray for the understaffed
    • Pray for people’s mental health with isolation and feeling lonely and desperate
  • Beth Current’s daughter Angie Ellis is a Respiratory Therapist at Cobb Hospital and Northside Cherokee Hospital
  • Shana Owen-I’m feeling stretched really thin right now between responsibilities at work and at home with our kids.  Also, pray that I don’t bring Covid19 home to my family from exposure at work.
  • Susan Wright-Needless to say, continued health and protection from sickness and peace in the midst of chaos. Bill and I are quarantining my 20 year old niece in our finished attic as she got in from studying abroad in Europe 5 days ago! Please pray we will all be a blessing and encouragement to each other and there will be no conflict. We are thrilled she is with us and know we have an opportunity to greatly impact her life.
  • Misti Ellis
    • Protection over our health with limited personal protective items (masks l, goggles and gowns) available. We are already working with suboptimal gear and reusing single use items due to no supply of proper supplies.
    • Emotional and spiritual health as we serve. The tension are high and fear is rising. We need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus so we can not only serve our patients and their families but encourage the hearts of our coworkers.
    • Protection over our families. I think this is the greatest concern for most of us. We are happy and willing to care for our patients, but do not want to endanger our loved ones by doing so.
    • Open doors to share the good news of Jesus and the hope we have in him.
  • Michael Fogas (Medical Chaplain)
    • Pray for wisdom on how to have “worldview” conversations with staff that would humbly lead people to the awareness that their worldview may not be sufficient for these things and that they can find what they need in Christ.
  • Shannon Shockley-if you can pray specifically for our staff in our office, lots of fear yesterday as we have seen a couple patients in the office.  Carolyn and I are following protocols and with my ER background, I am ready to see and treat these patients, but some of the staff are scared.  So pray that we can continue to reassure the staff, be slow to anger and quick to love. And pray for the protection of my family.
  • Adrienne and Nate Polite
    • For Nate-prayers for his health in a high risk environment, wisdom as he leads the Trauma Surgery Department at Kennestone, his patients, the trauma team
    • For Adrienne-prayers for Good Samaritan Health Center of Cobb, our vulnerable patients (their health-physical, emotional, spiritual), wisdom for leadership in making decisions, health of our staff
    • For us as a dual physician couple-prayers for strength of our marriage during this stressful time and for protection for our children (emotionally, spiritually, physically)
  • Ali and Greg Spellman (Steve & Lynn Egan’s daughter and son-in-law)
    • For Ali, wisdom and strength as she treats cancer patients at two area hospitals
    • For Greg, patience and joy as he treats fewer pain patients in person and becomes more of a caregiver to two small kids. For both, good health as they work on the front lines of patient care. For the kids, health as they continue to go to day care in the immediate future


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