Service Information for Sunday, March 15

Mar 13, 2020 | 0 comments

So… things took a pretty hard turn yesterday.  It felt like we went from ‘this virus is out there somewhere and may impact us to some degree at some point in the future’ to ‘this virus is here in our community and is impacting us right now’  in about 7 minutes.  (I went to  Kroger to pick up some jelly beans last night and it was like a cross between the threat of Snowmeggadon and the day before Thanksgiving.)

In light of that pivot I think the best thing for us to do is to cancel all weekend activities at the church building– Sunday services, Mom-son game night, youth, etc.  Jesus said the two greatest commands are to love God and to love our neighbor and ironically it seems like the most concrete expression of loving our neighbor right now is to avoid gathering with them in large groups.  So that is what we will do this weekend.  Not sure what next week/weekend will hold – the situation is very fluid, but we’ll continue to try to walk in that tension between faith and wisdom while steering clear of both recklessness and fear.

Because we are so awesome at technology we are going to do a livestream on FaceBook Sunday at 10am.  The plan is to worship, pray, hear a brief word from me, Jeremy, and Katie, and take communion together.  (Good luck getting bread if you don’t already some.  Acceptable communion alternatives – saltines, oyster crackers, regular goldfish – not flavor-blasted, Cheerios, and Nilla wafers.)  I’d love for yall to participate at 10, but the service will be available to watch later as well if that time doesn’t work for you.

I do want to strongly encourage you to do a few things:
1.  Pray.  Pray for those who are sick.  Pray for those who are afraid.  Pray for the Church to be a channel of healing, peace, and love.   Pray for the people who are leading the way on this – public health folks, government officials, doctors, researchers, etc.  Pray for those who will have to miss work and can’t afford to do so.  Pray for those scrambling to find childcare for the next two weeks while schools are closed.  There are many layers to this and thankfully God works in each one.   
2.  Do what the CDC/public health officials say.  It is sad that it takes something destructive like a virus to remind us that we are all very much connected to one another, but that is plainly evident today.  What each of us does absolutely impacts other folks in our community – for good or bad – so let’s agree to honor the authorities who are doing their best to keep us healthy by doing what they ask us to do.
3.  Try to think through the lens of being a good neighbor.  When we are squeezed and scared our natural reaction is to turn inward and focus on ourselves.  Ask God for grace to look out – ask Him what it looks like for you to be a good neighbor to those in your life.  Today that may look like avoiding large gatherings.  Next week it may look different.  We’ll be asking the same questions as a congregation and let you know if we hear of any opportunities to serve.

We’ll keep you posted on StoneBridge activities as we make those decisions and please let us know if you need anything.  
Love yall.
David (for the staff)


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