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Jun 16, 2018 | 0 comments

Beginning on Sunday, August 5th we will transition to three 75-minute services at 8.15, 9.45, and 11.30. I am hoping holding 3 morning services will spread people a bit more evenly.  I know it won’t be exact, but it would be helpful for our smallest service to pull closer to 25% of our attendance.  Otherwise, it doesn’t do much to alleviate crowding at the more popular services.

Here is a break down of our current attendance:

  • In 2016, 5pm represented 12.4% of our average Sunday attendance (44 out of 353)
  • In 2017, 5pm represented 11.7% of our average Sunday attendance (43 of 367)
  • Thus far in 2018, 5pm represents 11.7% of our average Sunday attendance (49 out of 418)

Secondarily, the 5pm growth rate is not keeping pace with the growth rate of our morning services.

  • Since Jan 2016:
    • 5pm average attendance has increased 11% (from 44 to 49)
    • 9am average attendance has increased 17% (from 143 to 167)
    • 11am average attendance has increased 22% (from 166 to 202)
    • If this trend continues, we would have to add a 4th service, most likely in the morning, in addition to 9, 11, and 5.  That seem dumb.

I am hoping 3 morning times are each attractive enough to avoid having to add a 4th service. My biggest concern is that everyone funnels to the 9.45 service and it is overly full from day 1. My second biggest concern is having enough workers for PathFinders for 3 services (the children’s numbers are so low at the 5pm service we only need 1 volunteer.)

Please pray that the transition is smooth, that we would easily be able to find volunteers to cover all of the needs at each service, the numbers would even out across the services and for community and connection to be cultivated quickly at each service.


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