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Jun 6, 2017 | 0 comments

 Children get excited by a lot of things…swimming in the ocean, catching their first fish, losing a tooth.  It’s fun to watch a child’s excitement level be raised by these things.  What if you got to see that excitement firsthand? What if you had the chance to show kids something even more amazing than catching a fish or losing a tooth?!

You have that chance this summer!  We want to help children get excited and be amazed by God and His Word.  Just opening up God’s Word to the minds and hearts of children is the first step.  God has things to teach them…things just for them.  He will AMAZE them.  All we have to do is show them the way.

As our PathFinder volunteers take a much deserved break over the summer, we need everyone’s help to cover our StoneBridge summer children’s ministry.

If you are a parent of a child in PathFinders, we need you to volunteer at least one Sunday this summer.  If you don’t have children in our ministry, but call StoneBridge your home church, we also encourage you to volunteer in PathFinders this summer. Either way, this is a great way for you to get involved in ministry to our kids!

It will take all of us working together. To cover our nurseries, preschool, and elementary areas for the summer (May 28-Aug 13), we need 45 volunteers every Sunday.  That number can seem daunting, but our kids are worth it.  They are waiting to be amazed by what God has to show and teach them this summer.  Come help raise the excitement level. You’ll be amazed by what God is doing too!! 

Pick the age group and day you want to serve. Sign up sheets will be available in the lobby on Sunday mornings, or you can easily sign up online at   Sign up today for your chance to make this summer one to remember for our kids!


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