Tanzania Mission Trip

Mar 7, 2017 | 0 comments

Tanga Tanzania – March 11 – 22
Our group from Stonebridge will be part of a team of 16 people who will be working in 3 different villages in the Tanga region. Our team will be launching Community Transformation in the this region by conducting a 5 day training seminar with 7 churches and others in Gombero village. Our hope is that from this training, God will bring believers and non-believers who will come together to form groups and begin projects to help solve the greatest challenges in the daily lives of families in the village. Through these projects, the church will be seen as caring and compassionate and as ‘the light on the hill’ for the community. 
Please pray for our team about the following:
1. Unity and authentic relationships within our whole US team and with our national leaders.
2. Clarity of vision and scope for this particular trip and that new doors will be open with the unreached and unbelieving people groups. 
3. As we have made our plans for what we will teach, that we will be open if God wants to order our words and teaching in a different way. We will be discerning of the Holy Spirit moving, being quick to listen and slow to speak. 
4. There will be ‘doers’ who grasp the community transformation teaching and mobilize others to apply what they have learned.


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